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Granny’s: Offering Quality Care & Endless Giggles

Space for little ones’ imaginations to run wild and a whole lot of laughs. That’s what you’ll see and hear at Granny’s, a Family Child Care Home II child care facility in Arcadia, Nebraska that is owned and operated by Shannon Hruby. When you step into the space, you’ll also feel Shannon’s warmth, compassion and love for the children in her care and conversely, the joy, sense of safety and love the children feel for their provider and space in which they spend their weekdays.

You can tell Shannon was destined to be an early childhood educator. In fact, at the early age of 7, she was declared to be the “second mom” to her infant cousin given her nurturing instincts and love for babies. That passion still exists today, after nearly 20 years as a professional child care provider. She regularly cares for 10 children each day, ensuring their safety, nutritional, emotional and developmental needs are met while their parents are at work.

daycare children sitting outside under awning with child care provider

She has been in her current child care facility since 2010, a home that Shannon and her husband, Clark, purchased from Clark’s Granny, hence no other name for her business would fit. Shannon and Clark were also married in the backyard of the home, making it an extra special place for their family that Shannon now shares with children from Arcadia and the surrounding area.

Throughout the past several years, Shannon has been working on the Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) program, a self-paced, ongoing process that helps early child care providers and educators recognize and improve quality. Shannon completed Step 5 (of five levels) in April 2021 and as part of the SUTQ guidelines, a shaded outdoor space is highly recommended. After their beloved shade tree died and was removed, Shannon sought out resources to help with the expense of an awning, including resources offered by the Loup Valley Childhood Initiative (LVCI).

children playing outdoors at Granny's Daycare in Arcadia Nebraska

In April 2022, Shannon was awarded a grant from LVCI to help cover the cost of a Sun Setter awning, a feature that would provide some much needed outdoor shade when the children played outside and one that would help Shannon maintain her Step 5 rating which means her care and facility “far exceeds quality standards.”

With their new shade protection, the little ones in Shannon’s care can continue to comfortably enjoy their outdoor space. The cars and trucks, soccer balls and outdoor kitchen (where mud pies are a popular menu item) are among the children’s favorite outdoor activities. You’ll often find them eating lunch and doing crafts in their outdoor space as well. Regardless of what they’re up to, you know their imagination with continue to soar and the giggles will be never-ending at Granny’s.

young boy playing outdoors with toy car at Granny's Daycare in Arcadia Nebraska

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