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Meet the Team: Colin Lansman

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Who you are : My name is Colin Lansman. My life is shared happily with my wife Brenda, an Occupational Therapist at VCHS. Our family is made complete by two children, son Quentin, and daughter Nora. I am the School Counselor at the Elementary School and coach Cross Country and Basketball at the high school.

Community you call home: Ord

How you became involved with LVCI: I became involved in LVCI through contacts with a couple awesome community leaders in Ord, Melani Flynn and Jessica Piskorski. As I learned about Communities 4 Kids and its potential, I decided that I would love to join the effort to explore how this might enhance our local child care opportunities.

Why is it important to you: I am proud to be a part of the core team for LVCI. It is through involvement in groups like this that we are able to maintain a thriving and unique community in Ord. I believe that the key to our community continuing to grow and prosper is remaining attractive to young families that want to move here to make a life. Having numerous options for high-quality child care is essential if we are to attract new residents.

Your hope for this initiative: My hope for this initiative is to help ensure that families have access to quality child care options in our community. Furthermore, I hope that we can assist child care providers in our community continue to create safe, engaging, and educational environments for our children to grow.

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