To create community-driven solutions and partnerships which address family needs for high-quality care, produce engaging and educational environments for children, and allow local providers to grow thriving businesses.


Our vision is a vibrant community that values quality early child care as a path to economic prosperity by attracting more families, helping providers start and grow their own businesses, offering quality local training and education, and supporting innovative child care solutions as a leader and partner in Nebraska.


Loup Valley Childhood Initiative began with a question many families in rural communities find themselves asking, "What are we going to do for child care?" A simple conversation about struggles with finding care for our newest community members led to what is now a movement of community members creating change for future generations.  

Loup Valley Childhood Initiative was formed in April 2020 and quickly gained momentum, despite a global pandemic.  Professionals from different backgrounds with different expertise joined forces to start the conversation of creating change in the Loup Valley, not just for working families, but also for children and their future as citizens in cities and villages in Valley, Greeley and Sherman Counties.

While our history is still being written, there are many ways to be a part of this movement.  Contact us to find out how you can write a chapter in our history. 

Currently, LVCI is made up of 9 core team members and 2 part-time coordinators.  

Core Team Members:

Kristina Foth

Jeanette Koelling

Dr. Crystal Ramm

Janet Eppenbach

Dr. Heather Nebesniak

Chrisinda Scheideler

Michelle Dredge

Shannon Adams-Weber

Colin Lansman


Melani Flynn

Katie Walmsley