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Childcare on the Square Event a Success!

On August 3, 2021, LVCI welcomed community members on the courthouse lawn for a special celebration. "Childcare on the Square" was a community event meant to celebrate all childcare providers, both traditional and non-traditional. Licensed providers, grandparents, stay at home parents and friends gathered with their kiddos to enjoy a day of sun and fun.

LVCI provided a variety of summertime fun activities to enjoy! These activities included a bounce house, bubble machine, bag toss, water tunnel, kite flying and paper airplane throwing contests. Immediately following the event, another celebration began. National N

ight Out, a national campaign for building police and community partnerships, was held. This community style-block party featured activity booths from area businesses.

There's no doubt, August 3, 2021 will be remembered as a day of fun not only for children and their caregivers, but for the community as a whole. For 4 solid hours, all that mattered was how many games you won and what color your snow cone was. It was an amazing evening of community togetherness!

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