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Meet the Team: Jeanette Koelling

Who you are: My name is Jeanette Koelling. I am a mom, grandma, and retired preschool & kindergarten teacher. Children & families are my passion.

Community you call home: Valley County

How you became involved with LVCI: I received a call from Chrisinda Scheideler asking if I would be interested. I am very interested in the children of our community, so I said "yes."

Why is it important to you: LVCI is very important to me because I care deeply about the children and families in our community. Families are truly the heart of America. We need to do all we can to strengthen them and try to provide the resources they deserve.

Your hope for this initiative: I hope that we can provide enough quality child care for the families in our community to thrive. I want children to be in healthy, safe, and caring situations so they can feel good about themselves, learn, and grow up to reach their fullest potential.

Anything you would like the community to know about this initiative/early childcare: We already have many amazing child care providers in our community. We appreciate their dedicated service. However, I know many parents who desperately search for quality child care and all the places are already full. We are especially in need of care for infants and after school care. After teaching for many years, I have heard so many parents' concerns about this issue. They find out that their family is going to expand and they don't know what to do. They need to make ends meet, but also need to provide quality care for their children.

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