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Meet the Team: Jessica Piskorski

Who you are : Jessica Piskorski

Community you call home: Ord

How you became involved with LVCI: I became involved with LVCI as a member of our Nebraska Community Foundation affiliated fund for Valley County.

Why is it important to you: Childcare is important to me as a mother of three young children, knowing that all children in our community are well-supported in their learning and development at all stages as they grow up. It is a vital focus for our entire area, to be able to support young families as they move to Ord to provide a benefit for our area workforce.

Your hope for this initiative: My hope is that we can support the amazing childcare providers we have now, and encourage expansion, as it is a key need in our area.

Anything you would like the community to know about this initiative/early childcare: So far the focus of LVCI is learning about what our needs are, learning about the needs of our current childcare providers and business owners, so then we can work on implementing a plan for our area. We’d love any support and information that our community can provide!

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