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Meet the Team: Katie Walmsley

Who are you? Katie Walmsley. I am the Coordinator for LVCI.

Community you call Home? Ord

How you become involved with LVCI? I became involved with LVCI through working with Valley County Economic Development.

Why is this initiative important to you? Although I did not grow up here, Ord and Valley County have always felt like home to me. To be apart of a group of individuals passionate about creating positive change for current and future community members is a dream. This initiative is important because quality early childcare is essential for growth, not only in childhood development, but also for the future of communities.

Hope for this initiative? My hope for LVCI is simple, that we are always able to say "Yes, we can help," when it comes to supporting children, childcare providers, and parents. I cannot wait to continue to work with the LVCI core team and amazing childcare providers in this area to help grow our communities childcare capacity so that every child has the opportunity to receive quality childcare.

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